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                Color knowledge training


                Teacher Lin Fang's teaching of color knowledge refreshed students' cognition of color. The class opened the curtain in the atmosphere of heated discussion and solidarity and cooperation, and opened a wonderful journey of meeting with color......

                LET'S REVIEW

                How to use color matching to create a sense of strength and delicacy of products and space Multi-dimensional color expression from the representation of deep digging logic to trace the root color, actually there are traces to follow

                The exhibition scene continues to be hot, and the cooperation intention continues. In the future, new Da gofan will meet the challenge with 100 times confidence and enthusiasm, surpass itself, and constantly strive to create a harmonious and modern office environment!

                The ground super match colors method In field training: | | lightness of hue hue and color purity Unit adjustment and highlight separation and gradient Clear color and dull color Simple and practical method of color matching Impact on classroom + flexible use Let colleagues more effectively realize the charm of color space

                From the rigorous color logic to the vivid design cases, from the solid color knowledge to the practical application of color tools, we will lead everyone to explore the mystery of color in a humanistic and aesthetic way. The colorful classroom exercises will help us convey the language behind color to customers in practical application and transform knowledge into productivity

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